C-Life, Inc. Detoxification & Restoration
supporting the body's self-healing with essential oils, homeopathics, herbals, nutritionals
Betty, our Naturopath Doctor  Meet Betty Magill, Traditional Naturopath

Betty is a Traditional Naturopath and a Bioenergetics Practitioner. She has been instrumental in the training of other practitioners, and introducing doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists to the concept of electrodermal screening (EDS). Betty has been trained in Canada and Florida by those pioneering electrodermal screening and bioenergetics here in the United States. She is also Vice President of PATNA (Pennsylvania Traditional Naturopaths Association, 2016-present).

Betty has seen clients from throughout the United States and have witnessed that only a rare few had to just live with the diagnosis given to them. C-Life, Inc. focuses upon detoxing what the body was not able to eliminate and to replenish the nutrients the body was deficient in. Through this process the body can begin its own healing process. Most who have walked through our doors were not finding solutions from their health professional and many were told that this was their "new normal" and they would have to "just live with it." The good news is we were able to support the body to return to the "old" normal before inflammation and degeneration started to take control.

As you look over our site, and think that we might be able to assist you in your health goals, contact me and let's set up a time to talk: c-lifeinc@mail.com
C-Life, Inc.  One of the reasons we are so successful in what we do is that we take the guess work out of what toxins need to be removed, and what supplements need to be added with our use of the EDS 2000.

The EDS 2000 is used widely in Europe and third world countries. It is a non-invasive, drug free way of identifying toxic overload and nutritional deficiencies in order to help you to self-regulate your body's removal of toxins and replenishment of nutrition to restore your body's balance.

A first time visit includes the scanning of forty meridian points covering each system of your body to identify where and what toxins need to be removed and what vitamins, minerals, enzymes need to be replenished. We work with your particular needs.
C-Life, Inc.  Today we are exposed to more toxins in one day than our grandparents were exposed to in their entire lifetime--let that sink in for a moment.

Toxins are poison to your body. Because of the amount of toxins we are exposed to, your body is not able to eliminate them. The result is that toxins attach to your cells causing them to malfunction. Malfunctioning cells are the cause of all disease.

OUR CONCEPT is that there is only one disease: malfunctioning cells. And there are two causes for cells to malfunction: overload of toxins and nutritional deficiency.

OUR GOAL is to help your body remove the toxins and to replenish your body with needed nutrients.

Immediate changes in the following can help eliminate everyday, around the house exposure to toxins:
  1. Use an air purifier in your home since inside air
    can be more toxic than outside air.
  2. Use a water purifier for your drinking and cooking
    water (reverse osmosis & distilled are the best)
  3. Clean fruits and vegetables with a supplement such
    as Agrisept-L which removes the pesticides, fungi, etc.
  4. Make sure your shampoos, soaps, cleaning supplies are not
    made with chemicals. Most chemicals are not eliminated by your body.
C-Life, Inc.  Receiving the nutrition we need in today's world is not an easy task. If it comes in a box, can, or package the chances are it has been heavily processed, lacking real nutrition, and filled with added chemicals your body is not able to eliminate. Even much of our fresh vegetables and fruits today are contaminated with pesticides and many are modified genetically.

Because our food is nutritionally deficient, so are our bodies deficient of nutrients. We help you to identify your deficiencies so you can replenish the nutrients you need with high quality supplements and essential oils.

OUR GOAL is to help your body rebuild through replenishing lacking nutrients.

Immediate changes in the following can make a big difference in your health and how you feel:
  1. Use Himalayan salt instead of iodized salt
  2. Eliminate white sugar (use cane sugar or honey)
  3. Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water
    (120 pounds= 60 ounces of water)
  4. Eliminate foods with high fructose corn syrup & sugar
    (these are mostly processed and restaurant foods)
  5. Stop eating fast foods
  6. Eat in moderation; stop eating one meal all day long and
    cut down to no more than three regular meals
  7. Use real butter, not margarine
  8. Take a quality daily vitamin
What if, you didn't have to "just live with  it?"