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About our Naturopath

BETTY IS A DOCTOR of traditional naturopathy and a Bioenergetics Practitioner. She has been instrumental in the training of other practitioners, and introducing doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists to the concept of electrodermal screening (EDS). Betty has been trained in Canada and Florida by those pioneering electrodermal screening and bioenergetics here in the United States. She is also Vice President of PATNA (Pennsylvania Traditional Naturopaths Association, 2016-present).

For over a decade, Betty has seen thousands of clients from throughout the United States and have witnessed that only a rare few had to just live with the diagnosis given to them. C-Life, Inc. focuses upon detoxing what the body was not able to eliminate and to replenish the nutrients the body was deficient in. Through this process the body can begin its own healing process. Most  who have walked through our doors were not finding solutions from their health professional and many were told that this was their "new normal" and they would have to "just live with it." The good news is we were able to support the body to return to the "old" normal before inflammation and degeneration started to take control.

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